Are you interested in vegetarian recipes?

If you are adopting vegetarian diet or vegan diet, Indian cuisine provides plenty of flavorful options. Cook these vegetarian recipes with spice mixes or pre-made curry sauce. Most vegetarian recipes can be made as vegan recipes by substituting a few ingredients.

Cook with Spice Mix: The best way to demystify Indian cooking is to cook with spices and follow traditional flavor-building steps. Guaranteed to fill your kitchen with fabulous aromas and create a memorable culinary experience!

Cook with Curry Sauce: We get it! Sometimes you just don't have the time to cook-from-scratch. Use our authentic Indian curry sauce to make a quick meal. Same delicious dish, fewer steps. Perfect for weeknight dinners!

Whichever vegetarian recipe or vegan recipe you choose, you are assured of an Indian meal filled with flavor and is lip-smacking delicious!