Explore Authentic Indian Flavors with Our Easy Scratch-Cooking Kits and Sauces

As you're likely aware, the global surge in interest for diverse and ethnic culinary experiences has been remarkable in recent years.

Yet, delving into new cuisines often proves to be a complex, time-consuming, and labor-intensive endeavor.

Are you wondering how to effortlessly introduce fresh and exciting global menu items while maintaining an authentic touch?

We are here to help!

Embarking on a mission to infuse joy into American kitchens, we've crafted a range of meticulously developed products that simplify the process of exploring new Indian dishes.

Our specially curated Indian spice kits and curry sauces provide a seamless and delightful way to prepare traditional Indian cuisine, ensuring top-notch quality, authentic flavor, and an enriching taste experience.

Now, you can easily elevate your culinary repertoire with the vibrant and authentic essence of Indian flavors.


Use Flavor Temptations products to...

Easily diversify your menu

Cook authentic Indian cuisine

Ensure consistency in preparations

Minimize staff training

Save time on cooking Indian food

Introduce budget-friendly options

  • “Indian cuisine is a great option to introduce global flavors and diversify your menu.

    In our Taste Tests featuring Chana Masala, we had at least 80% of kids that couldn’t wait for it to be on the menu!” 

    Mark Augustine, Fmr. Executive Chef & Operations Manager, Minneapolis Public Schools, MN

  • “You can really taste the difference with spices that have aromatic, subtle flavors and are of exceptional quality! Recipes are very easy to follow.”

    Shyama O’Brien, Deli Operations Manager, St. Peters Food Coop, St. Peters, MN 

  • “The recipes were easy for us to interpret in the kitchen. It’s not overwhelming for anyone to produce this incredible dish.”

    Kipp Thomas, Head Cook, Cardinal Heights Middle School, Sun Prairie, WI

  • “Besides operational efficiency, the benefit of bringing in Flavor Temptations is that you’re supporting a local company that provides authentic, traditional flavors.”

    Patrick Schroeder, Prepared Foods Category Manager, Willy Street Co-op, Madison, WI

  • Award-winning Indian Curry Sauce

    One SKU, many options! This VEGAN, gluten-free, low sodium Indian curry sauce is very versatile and used as a base ingredient for many Indian recipes.

  • Chana Masala Spice Kit

    Perfect Vegan Entree! Traditional Indian recipe PLUS multiple spice blends that are organic, gluten-free and salt-free. (Available in Medium and Large sizes)

  • Potato Curry Spice Kit

    Vegan Spicy Potatoes! Substitute Cauliflower or Sweet Potatoes to add variety. Recipe PLUS Gluten-free, salt-free organic spice blends. (Medium and Large sizes)

  • Tikka Masala Spice Kit

    Gluten-free, salt-free, organic spice blends PLUS Indian recipe makes authentic Tikka Masala. Add Chicken or Paneer. (Medium or Large sizes)

  • Butter Chicken Spice Kit

    Traditional Butter Chicken Indian recipe PLUS gluten-free, salt-free, organic spice blends (Available in Medium or Large sizes)

  • Beef Vindaloo Spice Kit

    Marinate beef with vinegar and gluten-free, salt-free, organic spice blends, then bake with onion-tomato sauce (Medium or Large sizes)

  • Food Network Magazine!

    Grateful for the mention in the Oct 2023 edition of Food Network magazine! Thanks to Los Angeles Unified School District for choosing our cook-from-scratch products to serve to their diverse student population!

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