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FOOD SERVICE Potato Curry Spice Kit

FOOD SERVICE Potato Curry Spice Kit

Ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Cafeterias, Airlines, Catering

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POTATO / VEGETABLE CURRY cook-from-scratch spice kit contains 3 individual spice blends and cooking directions to make an authentic, fresh and delicious entrée. This VEGAN dish can be served hot with a side of Basmati rice or naan bread. Or add it to a wrap with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.

VARIATIONS: substitute potatoes with seasonal vegetables to make fresh vegetable curry




Medium (orange label): each pack makes10LBs of Potato Curry for 50 servings

Large (green label): each pack makes 30LBs of Potato Curry for 150 servings


One Medium size pack makes approximately 90-100 tasting samples of 2 oz. each

One Large size pack makes approximately 270-300 tasting samples of 2 oz. each


Cumin seeds, Turmeric powder, Coriander powder, Cumin powder, Cayenne Pepper, Bay leaves, Black peppercorns, Green cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Coriander seeds

Gluten free

Salt free

Organic spices

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Indian spices turmeric powder garam masala cumin seeds curry powder recipe

Where do you get your spices from?

Our spices are sourced from farms in Northern India and shipped directly to us

What is the shelf life of your spices?

Our spices have a shelf-life of 4 years

Why are your spices packed individually instead of just one blend, like some other brands?

The secret to authentic Indian cooking is the layering of spices. Some spices need to be toasted in oil, some added to the protein, and some added as garnish. Individually packing the spices allows you to truly experience the aromas of each spice blend as it is added