• Indian spices, seasonings

    So many spices

    I don't know where to begin! From where do I get these spices? What do they look like?

  • Doesn't taste right

    I followed the recipe, but something is off. Why doesn't it taste like that restaurant's dish?

  • So much wasted

    So expensive! Can't I buy only what I need in smaller bags? How long will these stay fresh?

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Food is Culture, Culture is Food!

When our son, Gautam, left for college he struggled to cook authentic Indian food that he loved.

Our Mom's traditional Indian recipes and our hand-made spice kits and curry sauces helped him keep connected to his culture and roots through food.

Result? Gautam was super happy with his creations and ended up bragging about his culinary skills!

  • Beginners can learn to cook their favorite Indian recipes with pre-portioned spice kits.

  • Busy folks can kick-start their Indian cooking experience with pre-made curry sauces.

  • Foodies can stock up organic spice blends bursting with aroma, and packed into air-tight tins.

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  • ...bursting with flavor

    We promise to maintain the quality and healthfulness of our food and spices, allowing ingredients to shine - naturally.

  • ...bursting with purity

    Our products are non-irradiated, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, salt-free, with no MSG, GMO, additives or preservatives.

  • ...bursting with giving

    We commit to donate a portion of every sale to food banks across the country. Our donations have lead to the supply of over 75,000 meals.

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