Do you love Indian food but are intimidated by Indian cooking?

You are not alone! Many people we know (yes, even those with Indian roots!) struggle to cook traditional Indian food at home. Below are some common concerns we hear....

  • Picture of Dad cooking Indian Food with few spices and vegetables on the kitchen counter. Dad has  spice box his hand and looks confused at the number of spices in the box

    So many spices

    I don't know where to begin! From where do I buy these spices? What do they look like?

  • Picture of a woman tasting Indian food she is cooking.

    Doesn't taste right

    I followed the recipe, but something is off. Why doesn't it taste like that restaurant's dish?

  • Picture of bags of Indian spices in their original packing.

    So much wasted

    So expensive! Can't I buy only what I need in smaller bags? How long will these stay fresh?

Picture of our son, Gautam cooking Indian Food.

Our son Gautam is our inspiration!

When Gautam headed off to college, he grappled with preparing the authentic Indian dishes he cherished growing up.

In response, we crafted "Indian cooking kits" featuring my Mom's traditional recipes, along with pre-measured spice mixes and curry sauces.

This alleviated Gautam's cooking concerns and enabled him to maintain a strong connection to his cultural Indian heritage.

Now, we're thrilled to extend his experience, sharing the richness of Indian culture through our cooking kits and infusing joy and vitality into kitchens across America!

We strongly believe that food embodies culture, and culture is expressed through food.


Gautam's journey inspired us to

  • Simplify, infuse joy, and make traditional Indian cooking a delightful experience!
  • Share authentic Indian recipes and spices, providing an educational glimpse into cooking Indian food from scratch.
  • Tailor our offerings to suit the preferences of beginners, busy families, and food enthusiasts.
  • Picture of a Grand Daughter learning to cook from her Grandma how to cook Indian food using Indian spice box.  The spice box contains commonly used spices in Indian cooking like Turmeric, Cayenne, Coriander seed powder, Cumin and more spices

    Beginners can learn to cook their favorite Indian recipes with pre-portioned spice kits.

  • Picture of Flavor Temptations Butter Chicken Curry Sauce and the finished dish, Butter Chicken.

    Busy families can kick-start their Indian cooking experience with pre-made curry sauces.

  • Pictures of Indian Spices to make Indian food. Turmeric, Cayenne, Ginger and other spices.

    Foodies can stock up organic spice blends bursting with aroma, and packed into air-tight tins.

  • Step 1 of the three step cooking Indian food with Flavor Temptations spice mixes. Gather you veggies and meat
  • Step 2 - follow the recipe printed on the spice mix packet. Make sure to layer the spices
  • Step 3 - enjoy the Indian curries with family and friends
  • ...bursting with flavor

    We promise to maintain the quality and healthfulness of our food and spices, allowing ingredients to shine - naturally.

  • ...bursting with purity

    Our products are non-irradiated, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, salt-free, with no MSG, GMO, additives or preservatives.

  • ...bursting with giving

    We commit to donate a portion of every sale to food banks across the country. Our donations have lead to the supply of over 72,000 meals.