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Garam Masala Powder

Garam Masala Powder

Re-usable airtight tin of seven spices handcrafted in small batches

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DESCRIPTIONGaram Masala, which means “warming spices”, is a key ingredient in Indian and Middle Eastern Cuisine. This spice blend warms the body to increase metabolism. There are many Indian recipes that use this Indian spice blend.

Flavor Temptations Garam Masala powder is an aromatic spice blend. It is my Mom's traditional blend of seven organic spices that are hand-roasted and then ground into a fine powder.

  • BURSTING WITH FLAVOR – This Gourmet spice blend made with fresh spices sourced from Indian farms.
  •  FRESHLY PACKED IN SMALL BATCHES and sealed in re-usable food grade air-tight metal tin to lock in aromatic flavors. 
  • COOK WITH CONFIDENCE - Simply add Flavor Temptations Garam Masala powder to any stir-fry or meat dish for a full robust Indian flavor with no burn.
  • DONATE MEALS – with every tin sold, we donate two meals to food banks to fight hunger.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Organic spices, 100% natural, gluten Free, vegan, salt free, sugar free, non-GMO, no MSG.

Watch video on how Garam masala is made


Bay leaf, Black peppercorns, Cumin seeds, Coriander seeds, Green cardamom, Cloves and Cinnamon


This Indian spice blend is added as a seasoning and adds flavor to any Indian dish. Several vegetarian, vegan and meat dishes can be garnished using this aromatic spice blend.

Gluten free

Salt free

Organic spices

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Answers to frequently asked questions

Indian spices turmeric powder garam masala cumin seeds curry powder recipe

Where do you get your spices from?

Our spices are sourced from farms in Northern India and shipped directly to us

Why are organic spices better quality than ordinary spices?

Ordinary spices found in regular stores are cleaned by radiation to keep bugs out. Organic spices are undergo a non-irradiated process to clean the spices

What is the shelf life of your spices?

Our spices have a shelf-life of 4 years