Flavor Temptations founders Sara and Partha 


Sara and Partha, are co-founders of FillMyRecipe LLC, a family-owned, minority woman owned company based in Madison, Wisconsin. This husband-and-wife team has been partners-in-crime for 39 years and decided to sell these unique products under the brand  Flavor Temptations.

Together, they bring Indian cuisine from their kitchen to yours. Partha and Sara believe when family and friends come together to cook and dine, it creates strong bonds. This led to their dream of helping others make meals and create memories, while experiencing recipes from other cultures. Their dream started after their son, Gautam, left for college....

Solving a 'Mom' Dilemma!

Like most mothers, Sara wanted to send their son, Gautam, off to school with what he needed for success, along with something from home. Sara created a spice box – common in Indian culture – that contained the spices they used most often at home.

When Gautam tried cooking, he had difficulty getting the delicate balance of spices and flavor building steps in that is the secret to Indian cooking! Gautam did not understand what good cooks know from experience – that measuring, smelling, and tasting are all part of creating a meal.


Our Journey

This experience sparked the idea to create pre-measured organic Indian food flavor packs to help beginners or the experienced cooks, have success creating the complex meals from India. 

In the beginning, their products were branded as Ethnic Spicery and a few years ago, they re-branded  to Flavor Temptations and upgraded their packaging.

Customers love making cozy memories with their families, and having fun cooking with Flavor Temptations. Great idea to take their families on a unique adventure!

Sharing Mom's Authentic Recipes

Partha and Sara started their company, FillMyRecipe LLC, with recipes passed down by Sara’s Mom.

You’ll find their consumer-size RETAIL flavor packs online (Amazon, Walmart), and in over 50 grocery stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

They also sell bulk-sized FOOD SERVICE flavor packs for establishments like cafeterias, colleges, grocery store hot bars / grab-and-go sections, schools, etc. 

Fulfilling Parents' Dream

Sharing Sara’s Mom’s recipes is super-special to them. Firstly, it is truly authentic, and just like her Mom taught her. Secondly, Sara’s late Dad, a decorated combat pilot who died in an air crash while on duty, dreamed of sharing her Mom’s cooking with the world. Partha and Sara feel blessed to be fulfilling Sara’s Dad’s vision by sharing these recipes with fellow Americans.

"Giving back is very important us" says Sara.

Sara and Partha created a business model that supports healthy eating, encourages sustainable culinary practices, and donates to food-charities.

Until date, THANKS to loyal customers, these donations have resulted in more than 50,000 meals to fight hunger.

 “We are donating a portion of our revenue from each Indian flavor pack to fight hunger.”  says Partha.



Sara and Partha are IT professionals and worked in India for the first half of their lives, before immigrating to USA to help with Y2K. After working in various leadership roles in Corporate America, they quit their day jobs to pursue their dream of fulfilling Sara's father's vision and bringing great Indian food to fellow Americans.