We’ve collected some reviews and testimonials about our Flavor Temptations products to help make your decision to try our organic Indian flavor packs. For more reviews and to leave your feedback, visit our Facebook page.

“Thank you! So so much! I followed your steps to the letter, and it turned out much better than I thought. We loved it!”

– Jeffrey B., March 9, 2016

“Such a cool concept – I don’t have to keep bottles of spices getting stale in my cupboard for recipes that I don’t make often – I can just order them fresh and pre-measured from you! Makes me want to cook more often :o)”

– Dottie

“I met these nice folks sampling at the Hy-Vee on Whitney Way. Their Fill My Recipe is a great concept. I enjoy Indian food, but never made it at home – too many ingredients, takes too much time to prepare, etc. Indian cooking is now so easy, with the seasonings all pre-measured and simple preparation steps.i made the Vegetable Rice and loved it. Yesterday they were sampling again and I look forward to preparing Chick Pea Masala and Spinach Lentil Stew. Give these products a try, you’ll love them.”

– Denise S., March 30, 2014

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curried potatoes variation with cauliflower