Our Story

Hi, I’m Sara. And I’m Partha. Together, we bring Flavor Temptations from our kitchen to yours. We believe when family and friends come together to cook and dine, it creates strong bonds. This led to our dream of helping others make meals and create memories, while experiencing recipes from other cultures. Our dream started after our son, Gautam, left for college....

Like most mothers, I wanted to send our son, Gautam, off to school with what he needed for success, along with something from home. I created a spice box – common in Indian culture – that contained the spices we used most often at home. When Gautam tried cooking, he had difficulty getting the delicate balance of spices and sequence of steps to prepare a meal. Gautam did not understand what good cooks know from experience – that measuring, smelling, and tasting are all part of creating a meal.

This experience sparked the idea to create pre-measured organic Indian flavor packs to help someone new to cooking, or the experienced cook, have success creating meals from India and places around the globe.

We started our company, FillMyRecipe, with recipes passed down from one generation of our family to the next. Together, we bring these organic Indian flavor packs from our kitchen to yours under the Flavor Temptations brand. You’ll find our organic Indian flavor packs online, and in grocery stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

To help you feel comfortable cooking Indian cuisine and have a positive experience using our packs, we’ve created a blog and step-by-step videos. We’ve also had the pleasure of being featured by local media outlets in these press articles.

We are living our dream. And we hope you’ll share your experiences cooking our recipes on this website.

The Full Story

Our Values

Share the experience of cooking a meal from another culture with your family and friends! Our organic Indian flavor packs contain natural, organic ingredients, without the sodium, oil, or other additives and preservatives. Each pre-measured pack will easily serve two, including family or friends who follow a gluten free, vegetarian or vegan diet.


Support local businesses and farmers by hand-picking your own farm-fresh produce and ingredients to add to Flavor Temptations organic Indian flavor packs. Cooking from scratch is more healthy, authentic and economical. Our family-tested recipes often take less than an hour from prep to serve.

Sara and Partha created a business model that supports healthy eating, encourages sustainable business practices, and donates to food-related charities like Feeding America. While still a young business, they donated a portion of their sales proceeds from the 2014 Milwaukee Wine and Dine Festival to Empty Bowls, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Giving back in some way is very important to us,” says Sara. “We plan to donate a portion of our revenue from each organic Indian flavor pack to fight hunger.” “One of the ways we can help others in need, is by making donations to Feeding America,” says Partha.


Sustain! Our organic Indian flavor packs contain the exact measures of dry ingredients you’ll need. So there’s no leftover spices to store or waste. We carefully measure and package each ingredient for an enriching culinary experience. You can sustainably prepare healthy meals without waste, and contribute to saving our planet for future generations.