Bring Global Flavors To Your Menu

We know you’ll love implementing our authentic Indian recipes into your menu. Here’s what Flavor Temptations flavor packs can do for you.

  • Diversify your menu
  • Ensure consistency in your preparations
  • Save time with pre-measured flavor sachets
  • Create authentic ethnic cuisine
  • Introduce budget-friendly dining options


All-Natural Flavor Packs with Endless Variations

With instructions to create a delicious dish, our flavor packs are versatile, so you can get creative and substitute certain ingredients to taste.

Just add fresh produce from your local sources to make delightful meals for your customers and students!

Patrick Schroeder

Prepared Foods Category Manager at Willy Street Co-op – Madison, WI
“Besides operational efficiency, the benefit of bringing in Flavor Temptations is that you’re supporting a local company that provides authentic, traditional flavors.”

See why Patrick chooses our Flavor Packs

Kipp Thomas

Head Cook at Cardinal Heights Middle School in Sun Prairie, WI
“The recipes were easy for us to interpret in the kitchen. It’s not overwhelming for anyone to produce this incredible dish.”

Mark Augustine

Executive Chef and Operations Manager, Minneapolis Public Schools Minneapolis, MN
“Indian cuisine is a great option to introduce global flavors and diversify your menu. In our Taste Tests featuring Chana Masala, we had at least 80% of kids that couldn’t wait for it to be on the menu!”

Shyama O’Brien

Deli Operations Manager, St. Peters Food Coop St Peters, MN
“You can really taste the difference with spices that have aromatic, subtle flavors and are of exceptional quality! Recipes are very easy to follow.”

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Carla Williams and Lindsay Christians | The Capital Times



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Patrick Schroeder | Willy Street Co-op

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